To transport FLUXUS VARIATION from Paris where it was born and silt up in the sand by the NEMO  Science Center. This installation will shelter a tridimensional LED tubes forest placed upon its roof.
The project will offer the elaboration of various lighting scenaris inspired by the concept of flows around the steel container, symbol of the sea transport  :
human flow (circulation, attendance, population)
environmental flows (tides, winds, river, pollution).
These FLUXES shall be translate by animations using each LED as an image pixel.
The intention of this work is to transcribe the different types of fluctuations of our environment as an informative and artistic media witnessed an economic, human and environmental.

Its location on the banks and a total height of 5.2 m, the installation will be visible from the water, banks surroundings and the NEMO Science Centre.
Each LED is independent, 3D visual effect, produce a "kinetic" effect depending on where you are. Visitors will be free to experiment and the undulations and entertainment oriented vertical or horizontal flow .
Fluxus variation proposes to be a lighthouse, a landmark in the city.

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